SAAS and Software Providers: Would you like to profit from your credit card processing?

We show you how to turn your credit card fees into credit card income.

SAAS and Software providers using the EPS Revenue Sharing Program receive a portion of their customer’s credit card processing fees every month.   Let’s talk about how we can supply your firm with a new income revenue stream.

Generate New Monthly Revenue from Your Software

New Profit Center


With our Revenue Sharing model you integrate payment processing into your software.   Then, when your software customers process payment for their customers you will receive a portion of their processing fees every month.

Add Payment Options


In Today’s coronavirus (COVID-19) economy every dollar counts – and revenue sharing gives you extra dollars every single month.  Your customers get an easy way to set up payments and  you get a portion of their processing fees every month.

Electronic Payment Services

Industry Experience


Who you do business with makes a difference. We have been providing merchants with payment processing solutions for over 16 years in virtually every industry.

Our innovative revenue sharing model provides reliable monthly income for your business


Since 2004, Electronic Payment Services has been a preferred independent agent for merchant accounts with MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. Our experience includes custom solutions for ecommerce, POS, credit cards, mobile, ACH, eChecks, SAAS partnerships, unique pricing structures, and much more.

Best Team

Our strong conviction is that if you treat your customers right then in the long run a business will thrive.  Providing customers with merchant accounts since 2004 has proven this out.

Everything to Gain – Nothing to Lose.

We create a win-win environment for you and your  software users.   Hop on a 15 minute call  to see how you can change your credit card fees into credit card income.

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Would you like to join others who are receiving a rebate check every month from their software customers payment processing fees?

Our firm specializes in providing firms with top notch payment processing and at the same time rebating them a
portion of the processing fees every month.

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