If your company does not offer integrated payment processing in your software for your customers then you are missing a big opportunity. You are missing an opportunity to make your customers experience easier and also missing a big revenue opportunity.

The Revenue Sharing Model

If you are a software firm that sells or leases your software to other companies and those companies accept credit cards then you are at the right place.

To participate in our revenue sharing program you need to integrate payment processing as part of your software.  Once that is done then we can show you how to participate in your customers credit card processing fees and receive payment each month from the payment chain all the way down the line.

Not only does this create new revenue for you put it is revenue that comes in month after month after month.  You do nothing but set up the initial credit card payment integration and we take it from there.  You customers have the ease of setting up their payments and you have the benefit of profiting from all their credit card processing.

The New Partner Payments Revenue Sharing Model

This new Partner Participatin Program allows you to enjoy a reliable, recurring revenue stream because of the work you have done in creating your software.

With just a little work on your part with the integration and the knowledge and expertise on our part of setting up recurring revenue from your customers payment processisng fees we can produce an ongoing revenue stream for you.

Everybody Wins!!

You’ve invested a lot of time and money in developing your software and we have the expertise to significantly increase your revenue stream from your software.

Your customers need to set up and pay credit card processing fees through someone.  Why not let that someone  be you and you should and will get paid for doing so.

Want to get paid every month for integrating payment processing into your software?  Hop on a 15 minute call: 

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